Would retiring near a major medical tourism destination matter?

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Thank you to those who expressed concern over my recent medical discovery (the subject of my last email). I'm all good and hope you are too.

As some of you may recall, besides advice on retiring in Bali and other musings, I'm interested in co-founding a retirement community here in Bali (and getting my readers involved — hint, hint).

I found a partner (and now friend) who wants to get in on the action. Sandy is an American concrete specialist who has built villas and hotels in Eastern Europe. He has way more expertise than I do.

Like me, Sandy wants to move to the community once it's built.

We recently discovered that Bali is setting aside over 50 acres (22 hectares) as a special Health Economic Zone, otherwise known as medical tourism. There have been discussions with John Hopkins Medical in the USA and Mitsui Healthcare out of Japan.

My question is, “Would it be more compelling to retire in Bali if you could live within 30 minutes of a major international healthcare facility?”

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I set a Google alert so that when the project gets a green light we will be sure to know. You can set up Google alerts for any topic you like. Just click here.

In order to avoid a trip to a medical facility, world-class or not, here's three tips that you can use to stay alive longer:

Have 3 friends you can count on

Famous research from Harvard has shown that people who have close relationships live longer than those who are isolated.

Take a walk that mimics your commute

Lots of research supports that exercising wards off your risk of disease and death, but you don’t need an exercise bike or home gym to reap the benefits.

“People in Blue Zones walk every day and they make it to 100 without all the other gadgetry and pageantry of working out,” Buettner says.

Take a 20-minute afternoon nap

Taking short mid-afternoon naps is common in many of the Blue Zone regions, Buettner says.

“People who report napping at least 20 minutes, five days a week, have about a third lower rate of heart disease than people who just motor through the day,” he says.

Don't be shy about offering feedback on whether living near a major medical facility would influence your decision about retiring on the Island of the Gods.

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