Be Tactically Lazy

Note: "highly efficient predators may appear to be lazier than relatively unproductive predators"

Being “lazy” doesn’t get much love these days. But maybe it was a good strategy in the olden days:

Evidence from bones found at one of the world’s most important fossil sites suggests that our hominid predecessors may have dealt with extreme cold hundreds of thousands of years ago by sleeping through the winter. (Read more here).

While we in the modern world take it for granted that there’s nothing better than feeling productive and adding meaningful work output for the world, it’s important to remember that there are different approaches to our actions, with varied outcomes:

Here are ten benefits to being lazy. Or should I say aggressively relaxed? I summarized the list for those of us who are lazy readers lol:

  1. Lazy solutions can be smart.

  2. Slacking off can be a form of active procrastination.

  3. Lazy people focus on high-leverage activities.

  4. Unproductive time helps us manage our stress.

  5. Being lazy makes you less prone to burnout.

  6. Lazy time encourages diffuse thinking.

  7. Laziness can be good for our mental health.

  8. Being lazy is a way to recharge our energy stores.

  9. Problems can solve themselves if you leave them alone for long enough.

  10. Laziness can be a helpful symptom.

Here in Bali there’s a strong sense that being too productive just ain’t right. Perhaps it’s because of the spiritual nature of the Balinese, since whenever there is an event of any significance, all action is delayed until there’s a ceremony to commemorate it.

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So as not to appear too lazy :) we’ve been working on renderings of Samara Residences, our upcoming project near Ubud, Bali:

Here you can see an overview of the community building as it overlooks the pool. Behind the community building is a single residence with a spa on the ground floor. On the first level of the community building is a restaurant and a bar. Upstairs is a movie room, a billiard table and a card table. These particular amenities can be changed based on who buys the residences.

Across a large green lawn is the main residence building, with parking, maids rooms, a laundry facility, storage areas for each residence, a gym, a hobby room, and a lobby / lounge on the ground floor.

Above that are six residences, each configured as one-bedroom units but can be modified to two-bedrooms by purchasing side-by-side units. The residences come unfurnished but we can offer packages and/or help you with your own interior design. On the roof is a rooftop bar and a yoga space, as well as additional storage spaces for the community.

More information on Samara Residences here — password: samara

We’ve also been compiling a list of other residence opportunities in Bali here — password: samara

Click below to tell us your level of interest. We will be collecting feedback as we develop the project and any early stage comments are greatly appreciated.

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That’s it for now. Stay productive, or shall I say, “Stay tactically lazy!”