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Introducing Samara Residences

For decades I’ve been following the co-housing movement. It started in Denmark in the 1960s and is defined by a group of individually owned homes as well as a shared community space, usually a community house but sometimes just a shared garden or playground. The idea is to offer the privacy one needs by offering individual homes and also include shared features such as laundry machines, a lawn mower, a library room, child care services, group dining, etc.

Over the years I’ve followed along as the movement has grown, and now there’s over 1,000 “intentional communities” worldwide.

The plan for Samara Residences is to offer individual residences and several community spaces. The community can be as “intentional” as the residence owners want it to be. There’s no agenda, other than offering people a way to mingle while they live in proximity to one another.

Early conceptual design based on typical land sizes in Bali — 100m x 18m.

Several months ago I was able to find land in Ubud, behind The Samara Villas & Restaurant in Ubud. It’s over 12 are (.3 acres) in size and big enough for seven residences:

Design for the Samara Residences. (Pre-3D rendering.)

The concept centers around individual units with a number of community spaces.

Draft view of an individual residence.

Soon I will be receiving 3D renderings that are closer to photo-realistic and will share with you. The purpose of this email is to get feedback on the “brochure” I’m putting together (also early-stage).

Features of Samara Residences:

- 12.2 are (.3 acre). Located in a quiet section of Ubud, Bali

- 7 residences. Each 95 sqm (1,022 sq ft). Loft style with kitchen, living, dining room and toilet downstairs, as well as an outdoor balcony. Upstairs is a bedroom, walk-in closet and bathroom. Two-bedroom units are available as well.

-  Rooftop includes a hydration station as well as a yoga space and a reflecting pool. Additional lounge spaces are available to enjoy early morning or sunset views.

Below the residences:

-  Storage facilities. Each residence includes a private storage area on the ground floor of the residence building. 

-  Laundry room. Laundry services are available at an extra cost, charged by the kilo.

-  Gym. Several types of exercise equipment for strength training, endurance etc.

-  Lounge and juice bar. Next to the gym is a shaded lounge area to enjoy fresh tropical juices, etc.

-  Hobby room. Next to the lounge area is a hobby room, where you can enjoy your passion and share your skills with others.

-  Maids quarters. Each residence can hire a maid to buy local groceries, do housekeeping, cook, etc. You tell us what you need and we will find the appropriate person. Salaries are quite reasonable (under $400 USD per month).

-  Spa. A lovely spa area on the edge of the rice fields offers relaxing body treatments.

Other spaces:

-  Common house. The lower level features a restaurant, a bar, and a small lounge. Upstairs is a multi-function space with a billiard table, a circular card table, and a high-end movie room.

-  Pool. A large pool and deck is available for all residence owners.

-  Garden: on the edge of the property, past the pool, is a small garden area.

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It may be a bit pre-mature to share the plan for Samara Residences, since the images are on the crude side at the moment. But any feedback regarding the residential spaces, the community spaces, the price, etc would be greatly appreciated.

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