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The target audience for this newsletter are people who are willing to make the necessary changes to lower their bills.

Unfortunately, you may have to leave your cushy first world country and move to a developing country lol.


Don't worry, I've already done that for you. All you need to do is follow along. If it's compelling enough you can join me (I'm in Bali).

We can even develop a retirement (whatever that means) community together.

If you can’t make it to Bali then hopefully the information provided will still be of some assistance to you.

Why Bali? Well that’s easy to explain. Besides the fact that the Balinese are a remarkable, uniquely spiritual people (part Hindu and part animist Balinese), they are honest and friendly too.

In Indonesia the average salary is about 3,000,000 rupiah per month ($200 USD).

With a target goal of retiring with $1,500 USD per month, I will show you how to live a life that's about 7X as expensive as the locals live but 15X more stress-free than many developed countries.

This newsletter will break it all down, looking at the ups and downs of sacrificing some aspects of the developed world for the underdeveloped. I also address how to face the necessary transitions you will encounter if you take a path similar to mine.

I wouldn’t be writing this newsletter if I didn’t feel that the trade-offs are well worth taking.

The math is simple: life is better when lived simply.

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A recipe for obtaining financial freedom in Bali, as well as some thoughts about FIRE (financial independence retire early) from a first-world expat point of view.


Neill Kramer

I’m an expat living in Bali, Indonesia